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rehaKIND e. V. | Internationale Fördergemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendrehabilitation

Our members live and support rehaKIND’s ideas

There are many good reasons to support our work by becoming a member of our network. Our co-operation is dedicated, interdisciplinary, professionally grounded and partially voluntary. That makes us unique. Manufacturers and service providers, for example, provide input of their practical experience. While working together for a common cause, our members share important information about everyday care provision. This contributes significantly to our success. We try to cover all the areas that touch the lives of disabled children by involving a wide range of associations, publishers, solicitors, trade fair companies and other organisations like ours


We are grateful for the financial and in-kind support by:

rehaKIND has created an effective network to facilitate the collaboration of all parties involved in the field of children’s rehabilitation.

We are THE! experts in the field of children’s rehabilitation and the central point of contact for parents, carers, cost bearers and politicians.

Here you can find all the latest rehaKIND news. Shaping the future together – for children and young people with special needs.