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Medical know-how is crucial

Medical care and therapy

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My child has a disability. What can be done? A medical diagnosis and therapeutic care are crucial. You and the medical professionals discuss the way forward and which aids and therapies can support your child. As medical terminology can sometimes be hard to understand, we have compiled an overview of common clinical pictures and therapies. In addition, we can help you find medical institutions and trained therapists that are able to meet your child’s needs. Have a look at our list below and our information leaflets.

Hospitals and special facilities for children and young people

You have questions about the development of your child? Your paediatrician has diagnosed a chronic condition or disability that now needs to be treated by professionals from different medical fields, therapists and psychologists? Then a Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum (social-paediatric centre, SPZ), often found near children’s hospitals, is the right place of contact. Maybe you are also looking for a centre for child rehabilitation? You can find all specialised hospitals and centres in Germany on this page. These links to contacts are not available in English because we only publish in German across Austria, Switzerland and Germany. However, we are happy to answer in English if you contact us by e-mail, phone or in person.

You can get to the SPZ finder of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (Federal Working Group SPZ, BAG SPZ) here.

There are hospitals attached to some of the SPZs to facilitate inpatient treatment.

You are looking for a specialised centre for rehabilitation or a course of treatment?

You can find information about clinical pictures/disabilities in our information leaflets in the information centre.

All our information about children’s and young people’s rehabilitation, the application process as well as a list of rehabilitation clinics in Germany...

You are looking for rehaKIND members and expert advisors in the fields of therapy/medical care?

Children grow up fast – medical centres for adults with disabilities (MZEB) provide support during this transition process and facilitate uninterrupted interdisciplinary medical care.

You and your interdisciplinary multiprofessional support team want to assess, document and evaluate the need for disability aids based on the ICF? rehaKIND’s needs assessment forms (NAF) help you to...

This is our list of paediatric clinics, paediatric hospitals and departments in Germany.

Here you can find occupational therapists sorted by postcode, for specialisations (paediatrics) you will have to check the homepages of the respective practices.

Their Zentralverband (Central Association) has a list of all physiotherapists in Germany. The search results can be filtered by postcode and areas of activity.

Physiotherapists sorted by type of therapy – find a therapist:

Many children with disabilities are treated using Bobath therapy – here is a list of Bobath therapists.

The Berufsverband der Logopäden (Professional Association of Speech Therapists, DBL) has provided a list of all speech therapists, solutions using technology are covered by Bundesverband Elektronische Hilfsmittel (Federal Association of Providers of Electronic Aids), one of our members.

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) has become the legal basis for the provision of medical and therapeutic care as well as disability aids. Multiprofessional, interdisciplinary teams provide the person to be treated with a diagnosis based on a holistic approach and jointly try to find solutions for all areas of everyday life.

We have outlined this approach in an easy to understand information leaflet and our needs assessment form (NAF), too, is based on the ICF:



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