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Standing aids

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A standing device helps children who cannot stand independently to get into an upright standing position and to be at “eye-level” with others and strengthens core and legs at the same time. Hips, feet and knees can be treated while the children’s arms are free to play on the therapy table mounted in front of them. This enables the children to participate in school and day-care and stimulates their perception and cardio-vascular system. Mobile standing devices are fitted with big wheels und thus encourage the children to be independently mobile in a safe way – be it in class with friends or at home playing and having a meal with their family.

rehaKIND Hilfsmittel: Stehhilfen

Nowadays, one can find many variable standing trainers that facilitate gradual transition from the seated to the standing position. They have to be correctly measured and customised by medical supply store assistants and therapists according to the height and the special limitations of the user. Prone/supine standers are also in product group 28. They support children with more severe limitations, amongst other things, to control their head and arms and increase spatial perception and field of vision due to the more upright position of the body. They can be adjusted from a lying to an almost standing position and are frequently used for therapy or feeding.