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Orthoses and prostheses

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These individual orthopaedic technology aids are made by expert professionals. They have to be well justified, individually adapted and, because their wearers are still growing, their effectiveness and fit must be monitored continuously by therapists, physicians and carers. When determining whether a child/young person is in need of one of these aids, the indication should be based on medical and therapeutic requirements as well as the everyday life of the child/young person concerned. Prostheses are meant to address and ameliorate a particular disability and “replace” parts of the body that are affected by a disability or missing.

rehaKIND Hilfsmittel: Orthesen & Prothesen

“Ortheses are function-enabling, body-enclosing, body-fitting aids which – by their physical/mechanical action and construction – stabilise, mobilise, relieve, correct, fix, guide while growing, and replace lost functions of the body”. In medical supply stores, specialists in aid provision for children will provide advice on which system to choose and will keep customising the orthesis until it fits perfectly and is able to achieve its “goal” for the respective child/young person. (see also: Specialist retailers/rehaKIND expert advisors)