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Communication between people is a crucial part of life – children/young people who are not able to speak/see/hear/write need individually adapted communication aids such as symbol communication aids, voice and visual outputs, hardware for input support, software, signal devices and voice amplifiers as well as the necessary accessories.

The provision of communication aids for children is specifically covered by the following regulations in the directory of assistive devices:

“Communication aids can be prescribed (irrespective of age) in order to meet general basic needs in everyday life, e.g. for speech development or speech support, or insofar as they are required to facilitate speech comprehension in kindergarten or school settings until completion of school education or in order to improve speech comprehension at any age if, in spite of best efforts in adjusting and adapting hearing aids, a satisfactory level of speech comprehension in all areas of everyday life cannot be achieved.”

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Reimbursement or coverage of the aids by an insurer can be problematic, if such aids are only used in special needs schools or if the aids could be used by a number of children/young people in an inclusion mainstream school; in these cases they may be considered part of the school’s equipment. While health insurance companies are required to cover only individual communication aids until the end of compulsory education is reached, discussions about whether computer hardware should be considered “objects of everyday life” are on-going and insurers are reluctant to cover these aids.