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Consultation and legal rights

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The consultation and legal rights section is very important for you: Every child has the right to be provided with individual disability aids that support them in everyday life and don’t make things harder for them. It is easy to get confused given the many laws and jurisdictions involved. Being in the right doesn’t always mean you get what you need.

That is why we have compiled all the relevant information for you: laws, competences, deadlines, terminology and much more. When it comes to specific cases, our rehaKIND professional network is there to support you. We are predominantly active in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, that is why our links are not available in English. However, we are happy to answer in English if you contact us by e-mail, phone or in person.

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You have specific questions regarding entitlement to disability aids, the various cost bearers or a rejected application? Get in touch via e-mail or by phone: more often than not, we can find solutions by using the expertise of our chairperson – solicitor Jörg Hackstein.

Managing care provision, what to do after accidents, advice regarding education and careers, legal issues.... our members working in these areas across the nation are there to support you. You can find a list below.

Cost bearers often refer to the directory of assistive devices published by the statutory health insurances (GKVs) – it does, however, not constitute the mandatory basis for the prescription of such support: get smart...

How do you get a disability aid, what are the respective rights and obligations of the insured and the cost bearer? These are issues our “provision of assistive devices” flyer for parents can help you with. It is available in German and Turkish language versions.

Concise legal information, descriptions of clinical pictures and information based on the ICF to support your application; downloadable individual rehaKIND information sheets in our information centre ...

You can find consulting experts amongst our members and cost bearer and MDK rehaKIND expert advisors here: