I am your mobile bathing seat. I would really love to go bathing with you. But not only that: I would also be delighted to build castles with you in the sandbox. Hair full of sand, mucky hands – we have

I am your manoeuvrable standing trainer. Using me, you can practice standing on your own two legs. Regular standing trains your muscles and improves the bone density. My body supports, which can be adapted in height, width and depth, can adapt

I am your anterior walking aid, and will assist you in your very first attempts to walk. I can hardly wait to start off with you! I will support your balance and simultaneously train your torso musculature. You can adapt my

I am your outdoor posterior walking aid. Just like my brother, I am always with you when you really want to get moving, and will offer you the best-possible support to do so. Thanks to my outdoor outfit, I am happiest

I am your versatile posterior walking aid. I am always there for you – even from your first year of life. Walking is my biggest hobby. It doesn’t matter where you want to go; I will follow you. If you support

I am your foldable rehab buggy. I am extremely sturdy and of a very high quality. I am available in four different sizes, meaning that I can easily lift up to 75 kg. So that you can sit really comfortably, you

I am your dynamic therapy chair. I really hate sitting still! I’d much rather be changed into lots of different positions. I can tilt forwards or backwards, up or down – as dynamically as you require. Active sitting has a major