I am your mobile bathing seat. I would really love to go bathing with you. But not only that: I would also be delighted to build castles with you in the sandbox. Hair full of sand, mucky hands – we have

I am your comprehensive and hip standing trainer! I will encircle your pelvis and torso to hold you nice and tight and give you a feeling of security. I will adapt completely to your body. I can adjust you to the

I am your anterior walking aid, and will assist you in your very first attempts to walk. I can hardly wait to start off with you! I will support your balance and simultaneously train your torso musculature. You can adapt my

I am the rehab buggy that grows with you. I am a pretty cool character and love to travel – most of all, of course, with you! The great thing about me is that I am super-sturdy and can be optimally

I am your dynamic therapy chair. I really hate sitting still! I’d much rather be changed into lots of different positions. I can tilt forwards or backwards, up or down – as dynamically as you require. Active sitting has a major

I am your strong therapy chair. While you actively participate in everyday life, I support you in every way. My super stable frame is designed for active kids and teens like you. My seat unit can easily be tilted forwards and